A-Gistarb Radio Episode 7 – Talking with Kristian Medina

Kristian Medina produced and directed films and documentaries, as well as worked on the production of number of films, media and broadcast organizations for over 10 years. Also he worked as film production Instructor, technician and Supervisor for academic Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations.around California Bay Area and abroad.

Currently he is producing films and documentaries at his own freelance film and media business Cochitta Films that is located in Vacaville, CA, as well as producing videos for businesses, chambers of Commerce and marketing companies around the Bay Area.

Kristian Medina Documentary

Kristian Medina Vimeo


2 thoughts on “A-Gistarb Radio Episode 7 – Talking with Kristian Medina

  1. Adam, thank you for creating this podcast. Just yesterday I was watching a video on youtube about alternative living. I’ve been looking into tiny homes, yurts and now I’m hearing about the Earthship homes. So cool! When you get back from New Mexico we should make a video about your experience with the Earthship Academy.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. And I would love to do a video about Earthships as soon as I get back. I’m not exactly sure when I’m going. The plan is to attend the academy in June but I’m having a difficult time raising money for my tuition. Please share my campaign to help me out. I hope all is well. Much love!


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