A-Gistarb Radio Episode 5 – The Key To Solving The Majority Of Human Problems



My name is Adam Wayne Gistarb. And I would like to talk about Earthship’s. And why I believe that these types of homes are the key to solving the majority of human problems. I’ll be using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, and logical intelligence, to support my argument.

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What do we all have in common?

According to my circle of knowledge we’re all human. And due to scientific studies over the years of human existence. We all know that we need water, food, and shelter for survival.

What else do we have in common?

We all have biological creators. Our parents. Some of us develop with both parents in the same household. Some of us develop while parents are separated. And unfortunately, sometimes, parents even die during the early years of a child’s life. These are not always the cases, but sometimes they are. But I am sure that if all of us could choose at birth. We would choose to have both parents, or at least someone who cares deeply for us during the first years of adolescence and so forth.

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Which brings me to the first section of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, the Microsystem. Which is the system closest to a person, and the one in which we all have direct contact with in our everyday lives. Perfect examples would be home and family, school and peers, daycare and caregivers, work and co-workers, and anyone else whom we have the closest relationships to. A simpler explanation would be anything and everything in our immediate environment.


Next is the Mesosystem. Which are the interactions between the different parts of a person’s Microsystem. Examples would be good or bad habits that someone brings out into society from which they learned at home. Habits that will affect peers in classroom environments, religious settings, and other situations in negative or positive ways. Depending on how the child is raised. And the child’s state of mind. Which is also dependent on how the child is raised, sometimes.

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When you think about it, a child is similar to a plant. Mom and dad plant a seed in the garden of life. And if the soil is good, and the plant is cared for with love and affection, the plant has a high possibility of growing strong and healthy. But if the soil is bad, and when I say soil in this context and the previous I mean the home. The plant, or child, doesn’t do so well. In bad soil. And although plants usually stay rooted in one location. The child, regardless if she or he was planted in good soil, or bad soil, leaves rooted imprints in the memories and lives of others throughout his or her existence.


Next is the Exosystem. Which is a setting that does not involve the person as an active participant, but still affects them. A setting where there is a strong relationship between an immediate location and one in which the person doesn’t play an active role.

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Think about a parent who got a promotion. Getting a promotion is a good thing. But it can also lead to less time at home with your children. More money in the bank. Which you’re providing for your family through a monetary means which is necessary in today’s world. But we miss out on the most important activities and endeavors that really help with child development. I’m talking about the tender love and care that the soil needs for a plant to grow strong and healthy. We also have to factor in that it’s the year 2017. And a lot of households have only one parent. Some have both. But even then, usually both parents provide income. Which means both parents are away from home.

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Loosing a job can add even more frustration to the household. Now there’s less money, or no money, to provide food and other resources depending on if both parents are separated or not, but at least one parent is at home if they aren’t separated. But then again it’s hard to live nowadays with only one income for most families. Which then create arguments within the household adding more negativity to the soil. Also, which are more factors, with grey areas included, that affect the child’s development. And during all of these scenarios, rather negative or positive, that child is growing and preparing to impact the world in a way that’s beneficial to humanity, or not beneficial to humanity.


Which brings me to the Macrosystem. This is the cultural environment in which the person lives, and all the other systems that affect them. Economy, cultural values, and political systems. Which takes me back to the Microsystem. Which if you forgot the Microsystem is the system closest to the person and the one in which they have direct contact with in their everyday lives.

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Now think about this. Everyone from all around the world starts in some type of microsystem. And if you just take a moment to really observe the world around you. You will notice that a lot of Microsystems aren’t as healthy as they should be, and could be. Which logically explains the amount of chaos in the world today.

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Which brings me to the Chronosystem. Which is the dimension of time in relation to a person’s development. Examples. A death in the family can affect people differently depending on their age. Being a teenager during the Great Depression, may have a different affect on an individual if they were much older during the depression. Or being born into a world of computers, helps people develop different learning abilities at a young age, differently than it would if someone were to learn computers for the first time in their mid-forties.


So, why do I feel that Earthships are the key to solving the majority of human problems? Allow me to explain.


An Earthship is a type of sustainable home built of both natural and up-cycled materials. An Earthship addresses six principles of human needs: Thermal/solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity, contained sewage treatment, water harvesting, and food production.


Earthships are intended to be “off-the-grid ready” homes, with minimal reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. And no, this does not mean that you will have to live without internet and other luxuries that most of us enjoy. But this will give everyone an opportunity to spend more time at home with family. And less time being a corporate wage slave.

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Earthships are also built to use available natural resources, especially energy from the sun and rain water. They are designed with thermal mass construction and natural cross ventilation to regulate indoor temperature. The design is simple, for example single-storey, so that people with little building knowledge can build one.


So, why do I feel that Earthships are the key to solving the majority of human problems? What is the purpose of my campaign?


The purpose is to create healthier microsystems for people all around the globe. Because I strongly believe that if we can fix the home, which is the soil for the continued development of all humans. We can fix the world that we live in. But it all starts with our seeds of the future. Which is the children. People have to care for the children. And the children need their parents at home. And Earthships can make that possible for everyone.


By supporting this campaign your not just helping me. Your helping with the rebuilding and building of neighborhoods and cities in the service of all families including your own. By strengthening the home we can also teach future generations to care about humanity from an early age.


We can also minimize hunger, homelessness, corruption, depression, anxiety, and a long List of other factors that lead to unnecessary amounts stress in our lives.

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I don’t expect you to just getup and drop what you’re doing. But I am willing to drop what I’m doing because I had an epiphany that explained my purpose to me. And my purpose is to help change the world in a way that will benefit everyone. All I’m asking for is your assistance. I’m grateful for anything that you can do. Share, donate, word of mouth, whatever you can do to help promote this campaign. All actions are appreciated.


Thank you for your help ahead of time. It’s time to change the world. Much love my fellow humans.


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